Start Date is planned for October 22, 2019



I charge between $4800-$10k for 1 on 1 packages which allow clients to dig deep, heal their past, and create their future.  To date, I've never had a refund or a dissatisfied customer.  My clients get dramatic, life changing results.

You have an opportunity to get this rare chance to get 1 on 1 attention in a group setting, at a fraction of the cost.  This is an invitation only group that will be walking through the course as it is being created.  I will likely only do this VIP group once.

Spots are limited.

Now is your time.

Join the VIP Group and be the first to go through the Ultimate Transformation Course as it is being built . By getting in this group you are not only getting the course, but as an added bonus you will get 2 personal healing sessions with me (one at the beginning and the end), access to live trainings, and the community facebook group.  You will make lifelong friends who will support you on your journey, as you support them.  In this group we are going to be digging deep and clearing out anything that is keeping you from living the life of your dreams.  No longer feel bound by your past, stuck in your present, or worried about your future. In this course you will learn how to heal, regain your own personal power and create the life you've only dreamed of. I call this the Ultimate Transformation Course because it isn't only about healing, but about learning how to let go and grab on to things that will transform your life on daily basis.  This is a VERY  limited offer, so if you are ready to jump in with both feet and want to take advantage of this rare opportunity to work with me personally while doing it, don't wait.  Sign up now. 


Limited Spots Available

"During our sessions she helped clear all the trauma that I had been holding onto since childhood in a very loving way. I can honestly say my relationship with others and myself has taken a complete turn- around. I now look forward to each new day, have fallen in love with my husband again, and have become the mom and employee that I always wanted to be. I now know that I can have anything I want in my life and that I matter. Jennie is not like anyone else I have met before. She treated me with warmth and compassion- like a best friend. She was there any time I needed her day and night and was there to share my victories and help me during my struggles. She is one of us. She has been there. Every struggle I encountered along the way, she had experienced herself so she understood everything I was feeling. The money I spent on healing, I would pay triple because she gave me my life back. Please give yourself this gift. You will not regret it. "

MaryAnn Strunk

"Jennie’s session was one of the most gentle I have felt. I was able to go deep and feel safe enough to let out some emotions that I had no clue were so stuck. She beautifully guides and listens. I highly recommend working with her and getting some beautiful insights from her. She feels like rose petals floating in pink light. Thank you Jennie. "

Amani Zein

"Jennie is an amazing healer and such a kind, nurturing person. She has the ability to see through patterns and problems to help you get to the root of them and ignite healing at the deepest level. She helps me gain clarity when I am over thinking and helps me tap deeper into myself for healing so I can be and experience more of who I am at the core. I highly recommend working with Jennie if you want a better relationship with yourself and the world and you are ready to heal any problems at the deepest level! "

Mike Marschhausen

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