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Transformation is an ongoing dance between healing and becoming. Where we are no longer shackled to the triggers and hurts from our past. It’s a place where we can fully open up to how our lives are unfolding, As we start to truly embrace transformation, we begin to see the ability we have to create absolutely anything we want out of life. No longer do we have to feel held back by abuse, trauma, or even the person we see ourselves as now. We are not our past, or even our present, Each one of us carries within ourselves the ability to transform our lives, and live from a place of creation rather than survival. At the core, we are creators. We are the divine, and the divine lives within us all. Call it God, the Universe, or Intuition, we all have an internal guidance system that is wanting to give us a life of abundance. We were not put on this earth to struggle, we are the creators of our lives. It’s time we rise up together to transform our lives, heal the past, and step into our futures as designers of our own destiny. Many of us have lived lives as people-pleasers, victims, and have felt worthless and trampled on. That is not your destiny. You are here in this place, right now, because something is calling you to MORE. Can’t you feel it in the depth of your soul? Aren’t you ready for to be a part of this radical paradigm shift that is happening all around us?


Our society is severely lacking in connection.  We use to live in villages and tribes. Now we live isolated, and alone, now more than ever.  Very rarely do we have people around us that we can be completely ourselves with. Especially when we are living a life of transformation, it can be very difficult to feel understood and supported as we are constantly shifting.  When we have a group of people around us, supporting us, cheering us on, holding us up when we are weary, we feel empowered. Having a strong support system is key to any lasting transformation. Being surrounded by people who “just get you” can change every area of your life. 


People hire coaches to help them reach higher levels in their lives and their businesses. They seek the guidance and expertise of another. The like the accountability and outside motivation that a coach can give. Coaches can help with finances, business strategy, health goals and so much more. Most coaches cost thousands if not tens of thousands of dollars, and you only have access to them a few times a month.


Most of us know that there has to be healing in order to not allow our past to dictate our present or our future.  Traumas, no matter how big or small, can be stored in the body. They cause all kinds of symptoms from health issues, irritability, mood disorders, depression, anxiety and the list goes on. Without addressing and clearing these stored traumas they continue to affect every area of your life, often without even realizing it. Healing doesn’t have to be a huge ordeal. We can learn how to heal, as the body is ready, then things clear so much easier. 

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