Transform Together Membership

Get access to the tools, training, group support, plus weekly interactive online events with Jennie -- To help you shift your life and shift the world.


Live Online Events every week, where you can ask questions and interact directly with Jennie and the other members of the group. (Jennie will read comments and you'll have a chance to work through any pressing emotional blocks right there on the call.)


A Private Facebook Group where you can ask questions, connect, and get support from other members who are actually doing the work and stepping into what they truly are. 



Access Guided Meditations, Affirmation Audios, and other exclusive content as it comes out. Get discounts on future in-person events, retreats, and one-on-one intuitive healing sessions.

If you want to finally release the past and attract the life of your dreams without spending years in therapy dredging up the trauma.... then the Worthiness Revolution is for you.

You have no idea how many millions of times this small investment could come back to you.

When you commit to your own evolution, you will watch every area of your life completely change.

Your finances, your health, your relationships, your freedom, your peace, your love—abundance will show up in every area of your life when you let go of the addiction to your old story.

Invest in your growth instead of your story, do something different, and align with a new intention that will lead you back to yourself and the life you actually desire.

Something Beautiful is Happening Right Now

We are discovering what actual love is. We are in the process of learning how to allow the powerful vibration of love to take root in our lives. Step into the love that you are. Step into the holy-shit version of yourself that is here to change the world. Your time is now and we’re here to support you!


$97/month Everyday Price


You’ve got questions, we’ve got answers.


In addition to unlimited access to every new affirmation and meditation audio we create and every mini-course we create in the future—you also get access to awesome things like live weekly online events with Jennie where you can ask questions, a private Facebook community of like-minded individuals, and one-on-one intuitive healing discounts.

Yes, the calls will be recorded and archived immediately to be watched and re-watched at your leisure!

Jennie has been inspired to keep prices low so that this content can be available to as many people as possible…the more people we reach, the cheaper it can be for everyone! So share with friends :)

There’s no time period of commitment for The Transform Together Membership. In the event you ever want to cancel, just email us with the cancellation request and your current cycle will finish out.

No, you do not need to be on Facebook to participate and get access to all of the content. You can access the weekly events on any device and all the content is in the member area of the website. However, if you ever do decide to create or reactivate your Facebook account, the The Transform Together Facebook Community will be waiting for you!

All of the training material is available in both streaming video and audio format.


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