Fast Track Transformation

One on One, for when you are ready to jump all in and get shit done.

Transformation Course

You also get access to the entire Transformation Curse to work through at your own pace.  This course walks you step by step through the process of transforming every area of your life,  You will have lifetime access to this course and it's content, and also get the opportunity to be a part of anytime Jennie runs the course live.  

Personal Support

Work One on One with Jennie to clear out anything blocking you from the life you want. Heal childhood trauma, work through money blocks, grow your business, and so much more.  We meet together every other week for 12 weeks so you can create the life of your dreams.

Lifetime access

Join the conversation and get lifetime access to the private facebook group.  In the private facebook group you will be surrounded with likeminded friends who will support and encourage you.  You'll also be able to participate in weekly additional live coaching and healing sessions with Jennie. 

Strengthened Through Connection

Having someone who intimately knows your strengths and weaknesses can help catapult your transformation. Jennie has a gift to be able to see to the root of why you do things and help you shift any area of your life and live in alignment in everything you do. Whether you want to grow your business, heal past trauma, be free from anxiety, or simply create a life you've only dreamed of. This is the ultimate opportunity to see your life transform in a matter of weeks.








Now Is YOUR Time

Now is your time to heal the things keeping you from the life you dream of. The only thing keeping you from the life you want is the story you tell yourself as to why you can't. If you are reading this it is because you are ready to transform. Something inside of you knows that there is more to life. You no longer have to feel controlled by your past, Break free into the life you were DESTINED for! Sign up for your 30 minute discovery session and find out what is holding you back.


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