Does Talk Therapy Work

So, to start off….

Talk Therapy would simply mean chatting with another individual about your issues. It could be with a licensed professional or with a friend.

In this article I’m going to share my thoughts on talk therapy and also share something that has worked much better for me.

I think the Human Experience is meant to be lived together.

I think that we are meant to cohabitate as a whole.

That being said I believe that our society is severely lacking in that cooperation and community that we used to have.

What I’ve found now is that people live in a society where hurt and pain are hidden. And when we hide that hurt and pain, we create a world of shame.

Shame tells us there’s something wrong with us, guilt tells us there’s something wrong to fix.

When we live in a cycle of shame, we tend to hide.

Hiding is our worst enemy.

Here’s what I found about talk therapy

People have a deep-seated sense that they want to be understood. This is a beautiful human quality.

We want someone to understand us, to acknowledge us, to feel us, to feel our pain and joy.

We have adapted to this modality of healing by going in and talking to someone…

once a week…

twice a week…

three times a week…

We share hurts, we share struggles, we get advice.

But what I have found is the people continue to go to therapy for years.

They say they are feeling better, they get put on anti-depressants, and they feel a small amount of relief.

But I believe what they’re finding when they go to therapy in that small amount of relief, is there finding someone to understand them.

What they are finding is not necessarily help, but someone who understands them.

Being able to find someone who understands them would be beautiful in a natural environment. The problem is people carry so much shame and hurt that they can’t be themselves around other people and so they can’t ever feel truly understood.

This creates an environment where we have to seek out someone to listen and help us heal.

Comparing Talk Therapy to Energy Healing

When it comes to energy healing, what I love about it is that it actually gets to the root of the problem must faster.

And then people start to feel understood by themselves.

They start to understand themselves, love themselves, have compassion for themselves.

Energy work is different than therapy because there’s not a long drawn-out process.

It’s a renewal. It’s not just an acknowledgement of pain, followed by coping skills, it’s healing.

When there’s a trauma to someone what happens is energy is stored in their body, it’s packed away to be dealt with at a later time.

The problem with that is that overtime people forget that it was ever even there.

They begin to display behaviors that they think of as their personality.

But what they are displaying is actually manifestations of that stored energy.

So if you find yourself:

  • being irritable often
  • tired even though you’re sleeping plenty
  • eating junk food that makes you feel awful and you don’t know why

These are symptoms of stored energy in your body that is never been allowed to be released.

Often times you’ll see people that have gone through similar experiences but they both have different reactions.

And what they have found is the difference between those two people is how they process the trauma in the moment.

So two people go through the same situation.

One person deals with the trauma in the moment, allows themselves to feel all of the emotions, and then moves on from there.

The other person forms some sort of belief in that moment about what they are feeling, what they are thinking, what happened to them, is something that needs to be hidden or shoved away.

This is when the energy gets stored in their body.

This could have happened years or even decades ago. over time the person begin to manifest symptoms of that stored energy.

The reason why talk therapy is often not as effective as energetic healing is because talk therapy is reliving and agitating that stored energy in the body.

When you go for a deep energetic healing, you’re actually clearing out the energy stored in the body AND the belief that came along with that energy that created the patterns in the person’s life that they are now having symptoms from.

Energetic healing is something that a lot of people don’t know about.  It is a very quick process of transformation.

A good energetic healer will be able to pinpoint the situation that started causing the stored energy in a person’s body.

They’ll be able to look past the symptoms, which is usually the reason why the person comes to see them, and get to the root of what is causing the symptoms to not be able to subside.

Example of Energy Healing

Imagine someone comes into an office of an Energy Healer and they have a symptom of being overweight.

They share with the Energy Healer that they have done everything they can as far as diet and exercise.

They can’t seem to stick to a diet.

They can’t seem to stay on an exercise regimen.

And they feel like a failure.

They’re tired of fighting this uphill battle and losing.

It’s beginning to affect every part of their mind, and their view of life.

As they are affected by the sense of failure they begin to believe that they themselves are failures.

So what we have here is not actually the problem.

The real problem is the stored energy in the body, causing the body to believe that being thin is unsafe.

When you ask someone what is the benefit that you are reaping from this. People get angry that someone would even think that there was any benefit to this thing that they’ve been trying to get rid of.

But the truth is subconsciously there is always a benefit or we would not do it.

So our subconscious has this belief that being overweight is keeping us safe.

The subconscious main goal is to keep you safe.

No matter how many diets you go on or exercise routines you decide to come up with – your brain is going to do everything in its power to keep you safe, and that means packing on the weight.

This is why people end up bingeing at night, or falling off of their diet, or being too tired to go to the gym. These things are just symptoms of the subconscious keeping you safe.

When energy healing, we go into the subconscious energetically and find out what is going on and we clear that stored energy.

Now this can be done in a single session, or it might take longer.

A lot of times people have multiple traumas that are keeping them in situations they don’t want to be in.

But even if you were to do several energetic healing sessions and be healed from this pain that you’ve been dealing with, it is still far faster than any kind of talk therapy.

Once that energy begins to shift and leave your body, which can sometimes take 3 to 5 days after a session, then you start to notice that the things you want to do you’re able to do because there’s nothing in your subconscious sabotaging you.

Subconscious Will Always Win the Fight Against Willpower

We hear a lot about self-sabotage, and people deciding they’re just going to charge forth, make it work, use their willpower.

The problem with using willpower is that it can only last so long because it’s going up against the very wiring of your brain, whos goal is to keep you safe.

If your subconscious believes that the excess weight is a safety mechanism, there is no way your subconscious is going to let you get rid of those safety mechanisms with something like “willpower.”

Your subconscious will fight like hell against anything, even if it is your “willpower” to keep you safe.

With energy healing, we can get to the root cause of whatever subconscious belief you formed to hold on to the excess weight.

Once that energy is cleared, we bring in the belief to your subconscious that it’s safe to be at healthy weight.

Once the energy is cleared, your brain now understands that what you’re trying to do is take care of yourself.

Your brain no longer sees what you’re doing as a threat, and that makes it almost effortless to do the things you want to do.

That’s why when you see people who are doing things you want to do so effortlessly, you’re not seeing the bigger picture.

Those people don’t have blocks that are keeping them stuck in patterns.

They might have blocks around the other things, but we can’t compare ourselves to other people because we all have different journeys.

This explains why I believe energy work is one of the most fantastic tools we have for quick healing.

I am so grateful for the different kinds of healing modalities that we all have.

I think it’s beautiful that people have so many options nowadays. We all have our own path, our own journey, and healing is available for all of us.

We were all meant to live are most often authentic lives.

I hope that whatever modality you choose allows you the freedom you’re looking for.

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