Who you are matters

Uncategorized Feb 25, 2021

If you’ve had/ have people in your life that make it seem like it’s hard to love you, you need to hear this...

Who you are matters, a lot. 

What you love, what makes you angry, the things you keep inside because you see them as undesirable, it matters a lot. 

When you are tired and hurting, you deserve love. 

When you are struggling with mental health, you still deserve love.  

When you are irritable and frustrated, you still deserve love. 

When you are full of power and world changing ju ju, you still deserve love. 

When you shine so brightly people need sunglasses to gaze upon your glorious self, you still deserve love. 

Those who couldn’t show up for you in all facets of who you are, they are the ones with the problem, not you. 

Maybe they don’t know how to love, or don’t love themselves. Either way, it doesn’t affect your worthiness of love, even if they tried to make you think it did. 

We can be empowered deliberate creators of our own lives, and still have “bad” days. No matter who or what has happened in your life you are worthy and deserving of deep love, especially from yourself. 

Wrap your arms around your beautiful body and give yourself a hug today and remember you are loved, valuable and worthy and I love you. 


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