Release the Anchor

Uncategorized Mar 29, 2020

Boats are interesting things. Ok not really, but I wasn’t really sure how to lead into this thought process. 

I was thinking about how the past can be like an anchor holding us back, or reminding us we need a moment. You see when people are out on the water floating away, enjoying the sunshine, sometimes they want to stop, so they put down the anchor.  If they forget the anchor and try to move on, they won’t be able to. {hello captain obvious}

When I think about this as a metaphor for our past it can mean two things  

One, of course, that the past can keep us stuck.  There’s a lot of people who are saying “leave the past in the past”.  While I see the validity of that, sometimes the past doesn’t want to stay there.  If we are spending our time, and energy thinking about the past and using it to identify with then we will feel stuck. If we say things to others or ourselves like, “I am a victim”, “nothing goes right for me because of (terrible thing)”, “things always happen to me like this”, ect then we are identifying with our past which does prevent us from living in the present. 

When we identify with our past, we manifest more of it. The laws of the universe are consistent, we attract what we are.  

The anchor can also be a reminder that there’s something keeping you from moving forward.  When we feel stuck like we can’t get any momentum, and what we want to do just isn’t happening, it’s usually because there is something holding us back. Anchoring us to the past.  There is usually some sort of belief pattern that we have that is keeping us from taking the actions we want to take. The best way to deal with this is to allow the feelings to be felt.  If you are anything like me, your first thought is to run away from feelings. Feelings are our guides, and nothing to run from. I always say, “it comes up to go out”.


So the next time you feel stuck, check how you are speaking to yourself, and sit with your feelings. Are they teaching you something? Are they showing you what is holding you back?


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