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Uncategorized Jul 09, 2020

Hello beautiful soul,


Over the weekend, here in the US we celebrated Independence Day.  As I was reflecting over my life and the things I feel liberated from, it made me think about how we don’t stop and just give ourselves credit about how far we’ve come.


There is a common misconception in the personal development world that we are becoming better versions of ourselves, becoming better people. I prefer to think of it as unbecoming all the things that aren’t really us. So I want to encourage you this week to take inventory of all the things you’ve allowed in your life, or let go of in your life, that have helped you to feel more free, more liberated, more yourself.  


Where in your life have you started to let in more joy?


What habits that no longer serve you have you let go of?


What dreams have you started manifesting?


This is your one beautiful life, and you are growing and bringing in more of yourself, and that should be celebrated.  It is so easy to look at how far you think you have to go, but the truth is, you’ve already come so far.


Allowing ourselves to focus on how far we’ve come, actually allows more abundance, more freedom, and more joy into our lives.  When we allow in those feelings of accomplishment, we are inviting in more accomplishment.  When we allow in those feelings of being our own cheerleader and celebrating our wins, we bring in more of that energy. 


Look back to where you were at the beginning of this year, which to most of us feels like a lifetime ago.  What about 3 years ago? Or 5 years ago? Or 20 years ago?  Take the time to feel gratitude for how far you’ve come.  Write down all the changes you’ve made.  


Here’s some ideas to get you started:


  • People who have come and or gone in your life that have molded you into the person you are today.
  • Jobs you’ve had
  • Adventures you’ve gone on
  • Skills you’ve learned
  • Harmful behaviours you’ve let go of
  • Dreams that have come true
  • Things you’ve wished for that you now have
  • Hardship you’ve overcome
  • Places you’ve been


The list can go on and on.  Take some time to really celebrate YOU!  You are amazing and have come so far.


I’m so proud of you!

Your biggest fan,




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