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Uncategorized Jul 23, 2020
Having high vibes doesn’t always look like being happy.
A lot of people think of this catch phrase that is popular now as this groovy feeling of letting everything roll off your back and being completely chill all the time.
I think of your vibration as the energy in which you live your life. Keeping your energy around you high means keeping it aligned with the divine within you.
Sometimes there’s stored energy in your body that’s ready to come out, and that doesn’t always feels like rainbows and sunshine. It can feel like crying and anger.
It’s coming up to come out.
Sometimes keeping your vibes high means setting clear boundaries.
Sometimes keeping your vibes high means walking barefoot on the earth. (You should do this daily)
Sometimes keeping your vibes high looks like eating food that makes you feel amazing.
Keeping your vibes high is about being true to you and allowing yourself to grow (and outgrow) and change.
Nature always gives us such a beautiful example of being in alignment with the divine within us.
The thunderstorm is as beneficial as the sun. The strong wind blows away the old. The cold winters that look like death actually being new life.
So if you are one or those people that feel like things are really hard right now, and you are trying to keep your chin up and your vibes high, I invite you to welcome all aspects of yourself and your emotions.
Close your eyes and tune into the quiet voice within you. And here the gentle reminder:
It’s not about appearance it’s about alignment. ❤️
If you are ready to live from a place of alignment and embrace all aspects of yourself with love, compassion, and healing, my new Ultimate Transformation Course is just the place for you! (Link in bio).

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