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This is my why.


Everyone in business knows that you need a why, because when it gets hard, you’ve got to remind yourself of why you are doing it.


Well, this is my why.  My beautiful babies, and honestly, yours too.  


My why is so much bigger than just healing.  My why is creating a world where our babies can grow up and feel loved, and be completely authentic to who they were created to be.


I grew up in a time when children were lorded over, controlled and shoved into the mold of whomever society wanted them to be.  


Sit down, shut up and get in line. 


I never fit in the mold, but I learned to shut up.  I learned my opinions and thoughts weren’t valid, or safe.  I learned that if you had opinions you got in trouble, you got smacked or worse.   


I learned the emotions were inconvenient.  


I learned that I was too much and not enough all at the same time.


I learned that what I had to say was not valid.


I learned that people manipulate you when you don’t do what they want.


Most of all, I formed a core belief that I was not worthy.


It’s taken me decades to unravel the beliefs that I formed as a child, mostly because I didn’t feel worthy of having my own opinions or being myself.


But I call bulsh*t on it all.  Because I see my beautiful children, all 6 vastly different from each other.  All 6 magical humans that I feel honored to know, and now I have a bonus (in-law) child who is just as magical, and my heart bursts with love and adoration for each of them.  I love their unique personalities, the determination to be themselves, their fiery spirits.  I wouldn’t want to change them for anything.


I’ll be honest, when I first had kids, sorry Dharma, I thought that I gave birth to a blank slate, that I could mold as I wanted.  Boy was I wrong.  She came out bold, confident and magnificent. 


I learned through a lot of trial and error that there’s this spark of magic inside of each child, each of us, that should be seen, and fanned.  The flame should be fanned, never covered up or hidden away.


Through my own healing work, and working with clients, I see a common theme of feeling broken.  The sad thing is that this horrible feeling gets passed down from generation to generation unintentionally.  That unworthiness is like a dark cloud.


I began to see that healing isn’t so much just for us, it’s for our kids, our grandkids, our great grandkids.  It’s for our future son-in-laws and daughter-in-laws.  It’s even for our ancestors and our parents.  Healing ripples farther than anyone could imagine.


See I believe we are all born 100000% worthy and completely connected to source, and life piles on us lies and disconnects us from who we really are.  When we can start to uncover our truest, most authentic selves, we can begin to shine again, just like little children. No one is broken.  


And want to know the coolest thing about that?  Our children feel free to shine!


That’s my why.  Why I do what I do.  We deserve to remember that we are worthy and remember that connection to source that guides us all day long.  


Our children deserve to live in their power, to be completely themselves (whoever that is) from the day they are born until the day they die.


We have the power to change the world, buy healing ourselves, and that’s why I do what I do.  


We deserve it, our children deserve it, our grandchildren deserve it.


It’s our time, we aren’t broken, we just need someone to help us remember who we really are!




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