3 Steps to Stop Bullying Yourself

Uncategorized Sep 08, 2021

Hello lovey,


I wanted to pop into your email today to give you a little self-love tips on how to stop bullying yourself.


We’ve all done it, some of us more than others.  We talk to ourselves as though there was a tiny bully living in our heads. We beat ourselves up when we do things we deem as “stupid” or we “should’ve known better”.  


A few months ago I caught myself, as I walked past the mirror, that my first thought was “uck Geez Jennie you look awful”.   Then I caught myself, and realized what I had just done. I had bullied myself.  Imagine if someone else said that to me.  I’d be floored!  So I walked back over to that mirror and looked myself in the eye and said “hey beautiful.  You are rockin’ it today.  I love you” and looked myself in the eye until I felt my energy shift,


This is just one beautiful way to start changing the...

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Simply because you are you

Uncategorized Mar 10, 2021

“Of all the trauma I’ve gone through, being fat was the worst”

I said these words to a friend of mine today while we were talking about an article we read about not saying things to your children about their body size.

It wasn’t so much the extra chub I had on my body as a child that caused the trauma. It was what I believed about myself because of it. It was the things people said to me. It was the way it seemed to differentiate me from everyone else as almost a non human,

Because I was overweight, it suddenly became ok for kids to hit me as hard as they could to see if I could feel it.

Because I was overweight, it was suddenly ok for people to comment on what or how much I ate.

Because I was overweight it suddenly became ok for stores to charge 5X the cost for me to have clothes to wear.

Because I was overweight I felt like it was my social obligation to be on a diet.

Because I was overweight I didn’t feel like I could be seen, ever, or someone would...

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Who you are matters

Uncategorized Feb 25, 2021

If you’ve had/ have people in your life that make it seem like it’s hard to love you, you need to hear this...

Who you are matters, a lot. 

What you love, what makes you angry, the things you keep inside because you see them as undesirable, it matters a lot. 

When you are tired and hurting, you deserve love. 

When you are struggling with mental health, you still deserve love.  

When you are irritable and frustrated, you still deserve love. 

When you are full of power and world changing ju ju, you still deserve love. 

When you shine so brightly people need sunglasses to gaze upon your glorious self, you still deserve love. 

Those who couldn’t show up for you in all facets of who you are, they are the ones with the problem, not you. 

Maybe they don’t know how to love, or don’t love themselves. Either way, it doesn’t affect your worthiness of love, even if they tried to make you think it did. 

We can...

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Stop agreeing to things that insult your soul

Uncategorized Feb 25, 2021

Being out of alignment sucks!  

Feeling like you are saying yes to things you wish you could get out of, being kind to people you’d rather just not be around, berating yourself in your head in hopes it’ll give you the kick in the butt you think you need, going to a job you hate every day, waking up to someone who feels like a stranger, going through the motions of life, but not really feeling alive. 

Oh the examples of being out of alignment are a dime a dozen. 

Here’s one thing that’s consistent with every example; it’s painful.

Painful to your soul, and often to your actual physical body. 

You are a divine being with a divine purpose put here on this earth for a reason. 

The world needs you, in all your glory. 

We don’t have time to be living out of alignment. We only get this one life in this body! 

Sleep in, stay home, write that book, move your body, go out with friends, meditate longer than...

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Here's where they got it wrong...

Uncategorized Jul 23, 2020
Having high vibes doesn’t always look like being happy.
A lot of people think of this catch phrase that is popular now as this groovy feeling of letting everything roll off your back and being completely chill all the time.
I think of your vibration as the energy in which you live your life. Keeping your energy around you high means keeping it aligned with the divine within you.
Sometimes there’s stored energy in your body that’s ready to come out, and that doesn’t always feels like rainbows and sunshine. It can feel like crying and anger.
It’s coming up to come out.
Sometimes keeping your vibes high means setting clear boundaries.
Sometimes keeping your vibes high means walking barefoot on the earth. (You should do this daily)
Sometimes keeping your vibes high looks like eating food that makes you feel amazing.
Keeping your vibes high is about being true to you and allowing yourself to grow (and outgrow) and...
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Your only limit is your mind

Uncategorized Jul 16, 2020

Your only limit is your mind.

One of my favorite questions I love to ask myself is, “what would I do if I could not fail?” then I’ll write for a set amount of time every idea that comes in my mind no matter how small or huge.  

Nothing is impossible. The very word itself says I’m Possible!  If you can dream it you can have it.  What kinds of amazing dreams are laying dormant in your mind?

Maybe you want to travel the world…

Or live on a farm in a quiet little town…

Or make millions of dollars and donate it all to charity…

Anything is possible, you only need to dream it, and take inspired action towards your goals.

Here’s a fun exercise: 

Think of one thing you would do if you could not fail.  Now get out a lovely sheet of paper or a journal and a pen.  Yep, pen and paper, we are going old school.  There’s something magical about pen and paper, just trust me on this one.

Ok, now set a...

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Look how far you've come

Uncategorized Jul 09, 2020

Hello beautiful soul,


Over the weekend, here in the US we celebrated Independence Day.  As I was reflecting over my life and the things I feel liberated from, it made me think about how we don’t stop and just give ourselves credit about how far we’ve come.


There is a common misconception in the personal development world that we are becoming better versions of ourselves, becoming better people. I prefer to think of it as unbecoming all the things that aren’t really us. So I want to encourage you this week to take inventory of all the things you’ve allowed in your life, or let go of in your life, that have helped you to feel more free, more liberated, more yourself.  


Where in your life have you started to let in more joy?


What habits that no longer serve you have you let go of?


What dreams have you started manifesting?


This is your one beautiful life, and you are growing and bringing in more of...

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Welcoming July

Uncategorized Jul 01, 2020
We are looking at a fresh new month.
July is open to any and all possibilities.
While there is a lot going on in the world around us, we can chose to create some magic this month!
What would you like to do? See? Feel? Experience? Attract to you?
😎 Maybe you'd like a little trip to the beach
🚵‍♀️ Maybe you'd like to take up a new hobby
💰 Maybe you'd like some extra money
🥰 Maybe you'd like to invite more love into your life
This month is FULL of possibilities.
Take some time to dream BIG! It's better to dream big and not quite make it than to dream small and make it. Write down all the things you would bring into your life this month if there was NO WAY you'd fail. Make a giant list of all the magical things you can think of, big and small, and post it up somewhere you can see it.
You've got this! Now is your time!!
Come join us in the Worthiness Revolution facebook group and get inspiration, encouragement and empowerment.
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Uncategorized May 07, 2020

This is my why.


Everyone in business knows that you need a why, because when it gets hard, you’ve got to remind yourself of why you are doing it.


Well, this is my why.  My beautiful babies, and honestly, yours too.  


My why is so much bigger than just healing.  My why is creating a world where our babies can grow up and feel loved, and be completely authentic to who they were created to be.


I grew up in a time when children were lorded over, controlled and shoved into the mold of whomever society wanted them to be.  


Sit down, shut up and get in line. 


I never fit in the mold, but I learned to shut up.  I learned my opinions and thoughts weren’t valid, or safe.  I learned that if you had opinions you got in trouble, you got smacked or worse.   


I learned the emotions were inconvenient.  


I learned that I was too much and not enough all at the same...

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You'll know it by the way it makes you feel

Uncategorized May 05, 2020

Have you ever watched other people succeed at something and get great results, then you give it a go, and fail? Have you ever wondered why that is?


The truth is:  It’s not you! 


It’s not them either.  There’s something bigger at play.


Let’s say that you listen to a famous guru and they tell you that if you’d get up at 5am every day your whole life will change, and it will unlock the magical secrets of success.


 That sounds good, right?  Who doesn't want to  unlock success!


So you set out on your new goal, and you do great for the first two weeks.  You are pumped and excited and have your coffee in hand to get through the day. Your brain barely works 80% of the day because you are so tired, but it’s ok eventually you’ll adjust.  


But then one of your kids gets sick and you are up all night with them, and then 5am isn’t far off from when you laid your...

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