About Jennie:

  Jennie was born and raised in the midwest, where she currently lives with her husband and six children.

She has felt a strong calling to help people know how loved and worthy they are.  Suffering abuse and trauma early in her life, she set out on a path of healing.  Now she makes her life mission to help others break through the barriers keeping them stuck.

Since childhood Jennie has had the gift of being able to see into the souls of other people.  She can often sense the past, present and future.  This makes her especially good at getting right to the core of any issue.  She has worked with a variety of different people ranging from millionaires, CEO's all the way to teenagers,  Each person she has been able to get to the core of any issue and heal it quickly and easily.  

Jennie's heart is to reawaken the worthiness of each and every person and help them connect to source and live from that place of authenticity.  


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