a Mastermind for the Spiritually Minded Entrepreneur

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Zone of Genius

Learn to live and work in your zone of genius.  Get very clear on what your gifts are, and work from that place.


Spend more time with your family fully present.  Stop worrying about your business in the back of your mind while you are spending time with your family.


Share a bond with other inspirational entrepreneurs who will inspire and encourage you.  Life as an entrepreneur can feel lonely.  Connect with people who just get you.

"She has the ability to see through patterns and problems to help you get to the root of them and ignite healing at the deepest level. She helps me gain clarity when I am over thinking and helps me tap deeper into myself for healing so I can be and experience more of who I am at the core. I highly recommend working with Jennie if you want a better relationship with yourself and the world and you are ready to heal any problems at the deepest level! "

Mike M.

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